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Memorable magnets for participants of your conferences

Are you organizer of conference? Your participants will be pleased to receive a unique personalized artifact. A magnet with photo and logo of your event is the best you can think of. Engage your members before the event, give them an opportunity to upload their photo and get a memorable magnet at the conference during register or by post after the event.

  • participants can use their photos or those that will be made by your photographers
  • you can schedule when your participants receive their gifts: before or after the event
  • the order will be delivered to anywhere in the world by mail

Work with us

Just run


A nice surprise from our friends 42magnets.com: order a magnet with your picture and #VinnytsiaJS 2017 logo, and get it at the conference absolutely for free. All you need is to provide the ID of your ticket: vinnytsiajs.42magnets.com.

How does this work?

We will set up the page for your event

Your participants will be able to download photos from Instagram, Facebook or simply from the memory of computer or phone. Yes! The service works on smartphones, so the order can be made right at the event.

You want to use your domain? It’s possible. Please contact us and we will be able to help you with that.

Defend the criteria

Choose what exactly will be added to the photo: just logo of the event or more complex frame, or maybe you will give several options to choose from?

Set up the shipping methods and the cost of the magnet. You have a charity event and you want magnets to be free for participants? This is also possible!

Follow the statistics

You will be able to see who made the order, payment details, what is the status of the order in real time.


We will handle all the questions about order maintenance and user support. We are uncompromising in quality matters.

Look how it works on the demo site:

Lets cooperate!

Please complete the request form below and we will contact as soon as possible.